I'm in love with git

A month ago I switched to git from subversion when I started at RealSelf. Now I’m in love.

Why I liked git before:

  • Distributed
  • Fast
  • Github
  • (hip)

Why I love git now:

  • Branching does not disrupt workflow


# …working on myBranch…

git stash

git checkout someOtherBranch

# …make your changes to someOtherBranch…

git commit

git checkout myBranch

git stash pop

# and I’m right back where I left off!


  • Rebase


# instead of:

git merge master

# and getting a messy commit log.. do this:

git rebase master

# and your commits starting after you branched
# are rewound and applied on top of the latest from master


  • The command line interface is so powerful and usable that I don’t rely on GUI tools (except for resolving conflicts)
  • Pull requests (Github again)

WordCamp PDX '09 Day 1 – What I came away with

I just attended WordCamp Portland ’09 Day 1 (Sat, Sept. 19 2009) an this is what I came away with…

  • Session: Jason Grigsby – Speed Up WordPress. Make Readers Happy and Your Site Green
    1. Setting expires headers really does matter in the battle for page loading speed/efficiency.
    2. SpriteMe makes CSS sprite implementation so easy there’s little excuse not to try it.
    3. There’s a promising SQL query stats plugin for WP available:  SQL Monitor
  • Session: Woopra intro w/ Lorelle VanFossen (who is very friendly!)
    1. Woopra provides real time analytics via a cross-platform desktop app.
    2. Woopra is free while in beta but will continue supporting most existing accounts when they go full release and start charging for the service.
    3. Woopra utilizes javascript embedded in the site in order to track (line Google Analytics).
    4. Woopra’s real time capabilities provide insight into the results of social networking + marketing campaigns.
    5. Woopra’s interface is snazzy!
  • Session: Matt Mullenweg – WordPress Q&A
    1. Matt is a funny guy in person too!
  • Session: Unconference discussion of the WordPress Codex (I suggested this topic)
    1. The Codex’s short comings are well known and being addressed!
    2. A new “handbook” documentation system is in the works and volunteer help is needed.
    3. The plan is to approach many help topics from multiple points of view such as Theme Designer, Core Developer, Plugin Developer, etc. as well as having “lessons” for particular tasks.
    4. The new docs will be standardized, version controlled, community driven, and overseen by the WP team.
    5. We can contribute to the current Codex (it’s MediaWiki driven) and our good stuff won’t be lost in the change over.
    6. A jobs board for WordPress.org is in the works – community cred will be associated with contractors offering their services.
    7. There is a passionate accessible open source community behind WordPress! It may be hard to find but it’s definitely there, and they need volunteer help from anyone involved in WordPress – even if you’re brand spanking new, they need your perspective! Some resources for contributing to WordPress:

On another note, there was an interesting mix of MacBooks and NetBooks at the con and from what I was seeing the WiFi was a little flaky (had some issues getting an IP).

If you would like to talk to me at the conference Sunday I will be wearing the below pictured yellow Kool-Aid Man Web 2.OH YEAAH!! t-shirt from Mule Design. I may appear to be derisive or zombie-like but I assure you it’s because I am trying to kick the energy beverage habit and suffering the side effects.

If you can’t read my badge on Sunday, my name is Sam.

Why might you want to talk to me?

  1. You enjoy my dry sarcasm.
  2. You have something to say about the WP plugin I wrote: TAC (Theme Authenticity Checker)
  3. You are curious why I only mentioned the above topics and not others.
  4. You take pity on me and want to inflate my ego.
  5. You want to meet a real live person you found on the web (even though I may lack celebrity).
  6. You enjoy the non-WordPress related content on this site and want to give me a high-five.
  7. You think I am a blundering idiot and don’t deserve to live (kindly warn me before you open fire).
  8. You really like the below t-shirt and want your picture taken with me. (I’m pretty good looking as well).
  9. You are having technical difficulties with you computer; Mac, Windows, or Linux and would like my help (I spend my daylight hours as a support technician).


Praise for eeeXubuntu

Inifinite EeeSo when I first got my Black Asus Eee PC 4G xmas ’07 I pretty much freaked out about all the possibilities but ended up installing my distro of choice, Arch Linux and all the Eee specific hardware support, then it kinda sat… and sat, until. I recently decided to review the current OS choices available for the Eee and settled on eeeXubuntu as the best candidate – clean little Ubuntu based with Eee hardware support out of the box. Besides, I just wanted to use my Eee not fiddle with the thing (I had my fill a few months ago, it was fun though).

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