Mockingbird doesn't want casual users

This morning a friend forwarded me this email from Mockingbird.

Dear Mockingbird customers,

Mockingbird’s taking flight

We’re excited to announce that Mockingbird will launch on August 15, 2010 — with multi-user collaboration!

Details on the paid plans:

Active Projects Users Price/month
Personal 2 Unlimited $9
Team 10 Unlimited $20
Pro 25 Unlimited $40
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $85

There will also be a free account available that allows 1 project with 3 pages.

You can archive finished projects, which won’t count toward your active project limit. You won’t be charged for months during which you have no projects active.

What you need to do

Projects made with beta accounts will be automatically archived and will not be accessible after August 15, 2010. Customers who choose to upgrade to a paid plan may re-activate beta projects, but free accounts will not be able to access old beta projects, so please make sure to log into your Mockingbird account to export PNG or PDF versions of any projects you need.

Beta discount

Your feedback has made Mockingbird better, and we’d like to thank you by offering a coupon for 25% off the first three months of any paid plan. Keep your eye out on your inbox for the coupon code when Mockingbird launches.

Questions or comments?

If you’ve got questions about the transition out of beta or want to get in touch with us for any other reason, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at

Thanks for all your support, and we look forward to continuing to help you make great wireframes.
– The Mockingbird Team

In a nut shell they are saying thanks for testing, all projects are now archived so export them. If you want your old projects back, pay us. Wow.. Awesome. Thanks!

I jumped on Twitter, first off I never use Twitter but I figured it might be worth a try.

Thanks @gomockingbird for throwing casual users under the bus, hope you enjoyed all the testing that was done with no reward except a coupon

@willlangford We really do want to be usable for casual users, and it seems like many don't use more than 1-2 pages, hence our free plan.
@gomockingbird archiving current projects and only allowing paid users to reactivate old projects is what got me.
@willlangford If you need to keep your projects longer, just let us know, and we'll happily do so. Also, share links will keep working

Wow. Didn’t expect that.

I guess I just have to tweet a complaint to get my projects extended, so everyone else that is in the same boat as me has to ask? What’s the harm in letting your free beta testers to keep their current projects? Oh… right.. Mockingbird doesn’t want casual users that could see the benefits of a quick HTML5 mockup tool so they won’t eventually become paid users and tell friends and colleagues alike how great of an application it is.

My project is exported.. who knows what they will do in the future but don’t consider your projects safe with this startup.

2 Replies to “Mockingbird doesn't want casual users”

  1. Hi Will,

    I’m very sorry to hear that you feel this way, but we’re honestly just trying to be reasonable. We’ve been fairly bug free as a product for the past 7 months or so, and most of our users have been using it to make real wireframes for their jobs, not to help us test. It’s just hard to strike a balance on a transition plan- on one hand, we can’t continue to scale easily by giving beta users free unlimited projects forever (as much as I’d like to), but on the other hand, I definitely don’t want to just delete all your projects.

    Based on how people have been using Mockingbird, it didn’t seem like most people require edit access to a mockup a long time after creating it. Therefore, we thought a good compromise would be to let you continue accessing your projects in read-only mode (as archived projects are still accessible via the preview link), but turning off edit access so it makes it easier for us to support Mockingbird as it grows. We hope that this, combined with the fact that you can export your projects, covers almost everyone. The reason I told you to contact me is that I think our current plan covers most people, but I want to help people out who need more time/need edit access to existing wireframes for whatever reason.

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