Fix a malfunctioning BlackBerry Trackball [video]

A friend of mine had a couple Bolds with trackball issues, we went as far as taking one of them apart and attempting to clean the trackball mechanism with no luck. I finally came across this method on a forum and we were amazed by the results – so amazed that we recorded the process on the second Bold with an HD Flip.

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  1. i frequent your blog and it must be said that you have a way with words, and your posts are relevant to everyone! thanks for making my life easier!

  2. Just a thought – because the paper is absorbing the oils and gunk from our fingers – don’t make that face, the oil in our skins keeps us safe from the elements – a piece of paper towel may work as well or better.

    I’d use those industrial ones used more most office washrooms instead of the soft ones used in the home.

  3. That Langford has some mighty sexy hands.

    Ive done the same thing with the blackberry’s at work.
    The DOD tends to give these out to high ranking people and by weekly we run into similar issues and the good old slamming it on paper trick seems to work wonders.

  4. well duh? i mean who couldnt figure that out ?
    Although i found it better to move the ball back and forth in the direction it isnt working (e.g. up and down in that case) in order to break up whatever foreign matter in stuck inside

  5. Thanks man, i don’t speak english but i know some words and i need to say you thanks because it’s so good and simple

  6. hey
    i tried it..!!
    earlier the trackball was not working in three directions now it’s working in three direction but not working downward i have tried many times to clean like u told so now plz tell me what to do in order to make it work in all the directions

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