Enable Gnome Video Thumbnails in Arch Linux

Gnome’s file manager Nautilus does a great job of automatically thumbnailing all kinds of files including pretty much any video file.

But, in a fresh Arch Linux install you still need a few gstreamer packages to enable totem-video-thumbnailer to do its job…

1. Install necessary packages (as root):

[source=’bash’]pacman -Sy –needed totem gstreamer0.10-{{bad,good,ugly,base}{,-plugins},ffmpeg}[/source]

2. Delete old video thumbnails to force generation of new ones:

[source=’bash’]rm -rf ~/.thumbnails/fail[/source]

3. Browse a folder of video files in Nautilus:


In some cases you may need to restart Nautlius for the changes to take effect:

[source=’bash’]killall nautilus[/source]

…or simply log out and log in again.

System Info

  • Arch Linux – Kernel 2.6.31-ARCH
  • Gnome 2.28.0
  • packages gnome & gnome-extra



4 Replies to “Enable Gnome Video Thumbnails in Arch Linux”

  1. It’s not necessary to remove the entire ~/.thumbnails directory. Doing that will remove the good thumbnails as well (for instance, the image thumbnails). A better way of doing this is:

    rm -rf ~/.thumbnails/fail

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