Relevant Windows 7 facts

This is not meant to be a thorough report, just the highlights I found relevant related to its recent release.


  • Starter is weak (for netbooks) 32-bit only, OEM pre-install only
  • Home Basic is for emerging markets (we probably won’t see it in the US much)
  • Home Premium is what most consumers will end up with
  • Professional is the lowest version to include features such as Remote Desktop Serving, Domain Joining, and Windows XP Mode
  • Enterprise is the same as Ultimate but with volume licensing and they both include BitLocker
  • Ultimate has all possible features (of course)

Wikipedia detailed Windows 7 Version Comparison Chart


  • Supposedly 7 can be installed from a USB drive (without hacking).
  • Internet Explorer 8 can pretty much be removed – many parts are integrated into the OS, but the browser can go bye-bye.
  • The sidebar is gone but Gadgets remain, and are more efficient and movable.
  • There is an overly hyped new taskbar.

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  1. Ive installed both ultimate and enterprise through a thumbnail drive all you do is drag and drop the files onto the thumb boot from usb device and it automatically goes into the loader.
    They finally did something right.

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