Google Reader Mobile beats Viigo for RSS on BlackBerry

Viigo has some great features and all but for simple RSS reading on my BlackBerry Google Reader Mobile beats the crap out of Viigo. Better interface, no update lag, feeds render faster and Google parses external pages to be mobile-friendly. Plus, no app to install/update, just set a bookmark in your mobile browser. or from a mobile browser just:

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  1. What was even nicer was the Google Reader Button. One push and you were reading your RSS feeds.

    I no longer can find that app to download. Yesterday morning I had that feature on my Blackberry 8330 but Verizon swapped my phone for identical phone (back cover wouldn’t stay on) and now the only way to read RSS is open the browser and navigate to bookmark.

    I know I could set my home page to GR but was nice to have the browser button open the plain vanilla google search page.

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