Thanks to Everyone Knows Im a Pervert

So plans to dominate the twitter photo upload marketĀ  by copying and adding very little to set it apart… except for the built-in tracking that reveals on the front page what I really think about day and night…


TweetPhoto Privacy Breech

Yeah, that’s my Twitter avatar (and my Twitter username is embeded in the img tags’ title and alt attributes – making it viewable on hover) and yours could show up next.

This is a total breech of privacy, now everyone gets the chance to jump to conclusions and think I’m a freakin’ pervert – just because I viewed an image (which could have been from a link, with me having no prior knowledge of the the contents).

So TweetPhoto’s recently viewed feature is cute and all but MAYBE EVERYONE DOESN’T WANT TO BE TRACKED?

The fact that there isn’t even a setting to turn off user tracking is even worse, did they not realize that people like anonymity?

Just thought I’d share this great “feature” before someones wife accuses them of cheating or something even cooler.

Have a super day!

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