Fix Slow Scrolling in jEdit

jedit-iconSo far jEdit is proving to be a great editor (FTP/SFTP support is great) but after tweaking it to my liking (BufferTabs plugin, fonts, etc.) I noticed that scrolling the main text area had become very slow. I didn’t want to just blame Java so I looked it up and found the cause.

  • Platform: Windows XP Pro SP3 + Java 1.6.0_13
  • jEdit Version: 4.3pre16

Utilities -> Global Options -> jEdit -> Text Area:

Anti Aliased  smooth text: subpixel

UNCHECK: Fractal font metrics (for better smooth text display)

The combination of subpixel antialiasing (a must) and Fractal font metrics (makes little difference) causes the unbearably slow scolling.

Thanks to the jEdit Community Forums.


9 Replies to “Fix Slow Scrolling in jEdit”

  1. In jEdit 4.3pre15 scrolling is fast with this option checked. Probably they have broke something in later versions. Also it depends on what jre you are installing. For jEdit 4.3pre17 I have found jdk where scrolling is fast.

  2. ** Thank You **
    New machine, and suddenly JEdit was not performing at all — I was pulling my hair out. I’m very grateful for your post!

    1. Daniel: Might as well have been fractal, given the performance hit đŸ˜‰

      Anyway, thank you Sam! It works great. The computers where I work are donated, and much slower than my laptop. I *knew* there had to be some possibility to fix it. I suppose the donated ones have an older jEdit version installed. I’ll make sure to uncheck the fractional font metrics on those as well in case they ever get updated.

  3. JE 4.4pre1 and having the same issue. I was about ready to (VERY reluctantly) abandon JE because of the workflow hit. Your fix worked like a charm. THANK YOU!

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