HP Service is Scared of a little Bug

After spending 6+ hours on the phone with HP Technical Support (not an exaggeration) attempting to convince them that the issue with our customer’s HP Slimline was in fact hardware related and not a configuration problem (that’s another story), they finally agreed to replace the motherboard under warranty. When we got the computer back and read the service report we were less than pleased… Continue reading “HP Service is Scared of a little Bug”

Missing User Accounts in Windows XP

xp-logoSo this time they weren’t hidden ’cause they weren’t in the following registry key:


But they didn’t show up in the Accounts Control Panel or in Run > control userpasswords2.

But they do show up when you run the command:

[sourcecode]net user[/sourcecode]

aaand each account is active.. BUT they had no groups assigned to them and since it was XP Home Edition we didn’t have access to the groups snap in.

So, thanks to Google we found the proper syntax for adding a user (“username”) to a group (“Administrators”) with the net command:

[sourcecode]net localgroup Administrators username /add[/sourcecode]