Using SIW to Find Hardware in Windows

I’ve often resorted to loading up a Linux livecd and running “lspci” just to get an idea of what hardware is in a box. Let’s face it, even if box manufacturers do provide the drivers you need, that model may have shipped with one of 4 different NICs, video cards, etc. So it used to be I had to run a linux cd and the lspci command to get the PCI devices table but not anymore…

I thought SIW (System Information for Windows) was a nifty tool from the beginning, it replaced CPU-Z for RAM and Mobo information and since discovering the PCI listing, getting appropriate drivers has become much easier. Now don’t think just cause it’s under PCI that only PCI related devices are there, pretty much every relevant device is in there including VGA controllers, Bluetooth adapters, SATA Controllers, and more.

Anyway, all you gotta do is get siw.exe from, run it and go down to the Hardware tree, then click PCI. You can also click on the Hardware menu up top then PCI or hit File, then Create Report File to get it to go.

Don’t forget, SIW also has a Password Revealer (Tools -> Eureka!), a MAC Address Changer (Tools -> Mac Address Changer), a Licenses List (Software -> Licenses), and much more fun.

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