Useful find Commands

Recursive, multi-file find and replace with grep and xargs for performance:


[sourcecode language=’bash’]grep -rl ‘what_to_find’ ./ | xargs sed -i ‘s/what_to_find/what_to_replace_with/g'[/sourcecode]

PutĀ  a not in front of that expression:

[sourcecode language=’bash’]find ./ ! -type d[/sourcecode]

Escape wildcards to avoid the shell expanding them:

If you just quote it; “*.avi” you can often run into trouble.

[sourcecode language=’bash’]find ./ -name \*.avi[/sourcecode]

Prune empty directories

[sourcecode language=’bash’]find ./ -depth -type d -empty -exec rmdir -v {} \;[/sourcecode]


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