Praise for eeeXubuntu

Inifinite EeeSo when I first got my Black Asus Eee PC 4G xmas ’07 I pretty much freaked out about all the possibilities but ended up installing my distro of choice, Arch Linux and all the Eee specific hardware support, then it kinda sat… and sat, until. I recently decided to review the current OS choices available for the Eee and settled on eeeXubuntu as the best candidate – clean little Ubuntu based with Eee hardware support out of the box. Besides, I just wanted to use my Eee not fiddle with the thing (I had my fill a few months ago, it was fun though).

I downloaded the Live CD .iso and booted it in VMware Server on an XP host, then plugged in a 1GB Corsair Voyager USB drive and enabled it for the VM so the Live CD virtual machine would have access. From there I just followed the guide on the wiki and ran the USB drive install script, booted off the USB stick on the Eee and BAM! this s**t was fast! I was super impressed, I mean Arch is a KISS fast distro but eeeXubuntu destroyed my Arch install by comparison.

Anyways, after playing on the USB stick live OS for a while I opted to install, one partition at ‘/’ (no swap) and MurderFS... I mean ReiserFS. The current eeeXubuntu Live CD is based on Xubuntu 7.10 while the current version of Xubuntu is Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS but I think there’s a guide on the eeeuser Wiki to run the upgrade manager to get to 8.04.. I’m cool with 7.10 for now though.

Wireless worked with NetworkManager Applet OUT OF THE BOX, thank god. I followed the guide (again on the Wiki) to install ucview to have some fun w/ the webcam (cheese was giving me some issues I couldn’t resolve).

DUDE, this thing flies! General responsiveness is awesome by my standards, and I’ve run all major operating systems on a huge range of hardware with all sorts of configs (let’s not get into that). I can even freakin’ watch the bigger Flash vids that straight up refused to work on my Arch install. Don’t think I’m bashing Arch, heck no, I like to think I have a darn good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Ubuntu based distros vs. Arch Linux and bottom line is I believe that eeeXubuntu is just a super well-put-together distro for the Eee. Color me impressed. But maybe Ubuntu or Debian in general is better suited to the Eee platform?.. I don’t care cause I’m more than happy with eeeXubuntu.

Gripes? out of the box it likes to complain about my battery capacity there’s a bit in the Wiki about setting up ACPI correctly – I’ll fix it soon / when I get pissed. Whatever, this is sweet.

I had to release my excitement so I spewed this out, comments welcome. Wiki eeeXubuntu Home Wiki: Customize eeeXubuntu

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