Why I Like KDE 4

So everyone trashed on KDE 4.0, I’ll admit I wasn’t impressed either, until I read the articles explaining that this is more of a milestone release – getting the core together, and that future releases will be something worth getting excited about.


This made a lot of sense, major changes are being made. Besides, the new look alone was enough to get me interested. Yay, the future KDE won’t be so terribly ugly – oh and I know you can theme 3.5, blah blah but it still looks like garb. When I first saw Dolphin I thought they purposely had stolen some design elements from Gnome/Tango and was glad of it. Let’s hope that all the KDE apps get prettied up to match.

What I really like about KDE 4 is the new graphics system. Screw the widgets and Expose rip off, it’s the fact that all the 3D and composting effects are all integrated into the desktop environment. Hey, Compiz/Beryl/Fusion has come leaps and bounds – I’ve followed it from the beginning, but its bloated. I think that the user experience will benefit from direct integration. And I don’t need the millions of cute effects, I want a GPU rendered desktop with high performance, shadows, transparency and good virtual desktop implementation.

I’m always glad to give a different desktop a go and I hope KDE 4 becomes something that satisfies my needs. Until then, the power of Openbox compels me.

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