Thunderbird Workarounds

Welp, had some trouble in Thunderbird recently…

On a Windows 2000 box.

Can’t print address book in alphabetical order.

This is a known bug.

Solution found at the MozillaZine Knowledge Base is as follows: Link

  1. Create a new temporary address book.
  2. Select all cards in original address book. Select “View -> Show Name As -> Last, First.”
  3. Drag all cards to new address book.
  4. Cards in new address book will be in order.
  5. Delete all entries in original address book.
  6. Drag all cards from temporary address book to original address book.
  7. Delete temporary address book.

Second issue, Thunderbird pops up the box asking to be set as default email application on every startup.

It looks like this is due to lack of user permissions. This happened when logged is as a power user.

This time the solution was found on the MozillaZine Forums. Link


Thunderbird needs to be run as administrator once, and the setting to not ask again will be saved.

Right click on the shortcut for Thunderbird, go to properties, check the box for Run as different user. Double click on the shortcut and enter login info for administrator, or a user with administrative power, continue and when the default email application box comes up, check the box to not be asked again and select your preference. Now, exit Thunderbird, and go back to the shortcut properties and uncheck the Run as different user option.

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