A4 Tech Compact Multimedia X-Slim Keyboard

So I had $20 to spend on a new mouse + keyboard combo over at Newegg and ended up with a cheap Logitech mouse and a black A4 Tech Slim Keyboard. I picked up this little item for $10 (Newegg product page) because I love the short key travel and feedback of laptop keyboards.

A4 Keyboard

So I got this thing, first impressions were: it’s pretty solid, nice finish (laser engraved keys) , likin’ the USB + PS/2 adapter, full-size Backspace key, and of course, it’s small. When I actually started typing on this thing I realized that the majority of the keys were actually larger than those on a standard full-size keyboard – so I ended up not reaching far enough for the next key and dropping typos like bombs. After a while it really wasn’t that hindering, just surprising, it being a compact keyboard and all.

Final notes: I’m confident that I will get over my fumbling and am not disappointed (especially for $10) . Besides, it looks kinda cool – like it belongs at a terminal or something.
I don’t really miss the 10-key pad, but I often find myself unknowingly reaching for the non-existent second Enter key normally present at the bottom right corner of full-size boards. Although I really don’t care about the functionality of the Hot Keys located at the top, in Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 only the Email key worked for me, launching my default mail client Thunderbird.

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